Breakfast Food Delivery


As breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s only logical to eat healthy meals made from fresh ingredients in the morning, so that you can push through the day feeling energetic and motivated! Our breakfast meal delivery is something you ought to be a part of if you’re an individual who cares about their wellbeing. 

Our healthy breakfast menu consists of protein-rich meals such as Blueberry Protein Banana Oats Pancakes and Protein Chocolate Chip Banana Oats Pancakes, both of which are light, tasty, and always fresh! Apart from pancakes, you can also opt for waffles and overnight oats, if you prefer meals that don’t include fruit. 

Thanks to our breakfast meal delivery service, you can forget about grumpy mornings and accompanying nuisances, your meals are going to wait for you ready and fresh! Gone are the days of rough mornings and even rougher meal preps, our breakfast food delivery has you covered! 

If you’re looking to have a great start to your day, don’t hesitate to order some of our popular meals. Instead of wasting precious time to prepare and cook breakfast for the whole family, let us surprise you twice a week with some of our best meals, and rest assured you’ll never look back!

If you’re not keen on committing to a weekly plan, feel free to sample our tasty meals and give us the opportunity to mesmerize your taste buds. If you like our meals from the U-Pick category, please consider subscribing to one of our plans, or if you’d like to put together a custom diet, call us at (786.899.2163 ), and we’ll make it happen!