Dessert Delivery


How many times did you finish a meal and felt it was incomplete because there was no dessert? Today is your lucky day because those days are over thanks to our dessert delivery service! If you’re looking to throw a party or perhaps invite some people over for lunch, you can do it without wasting hours on preparing the dessert! Just give us a call, make your choice, and we’ll take care of the rest! 

The desserts delivery service is a perfect solution for birthdays, lunches, dinners, and even formal events. You can also opt for our gluten-free dessert delivery if you’re a fan of gluten-free sweets. Speaking of gluten-free desserts, we strongly recommend trying our well-known Apple Crisp Muffin with added protein – it’s going to leave your taste buds in awe! 

The vast majority of quality desserts take quite some time to make, and most people end up making a suboptimal dessert because they lack experience. Why would you spend so much time making something that isn’t even guaranteed to come out good when you can handle and solve everything with a simple phone call? Call us now, and let us surprise you with some premium-quality sweets! 


If you’re not keen on committing to a weekly plan, feel free to sample our tasty meals and give us the opportunity to mesmerize your taste buds. If you like our meals from the U-Pick category, please consider subscribing to one of our plans, or if you’d like to put together a custom diet, call us at (786.899.2163 ), and we’ll make it happen!