How It Works?

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Choose Your Meals

Use our rotating menu to choose a fully prepared, fresh, healthy, and protein-rich meal. All our meals are perfectly balanced and are ideal for any occasion.

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Freshly Cooked

Each meal we deliver is made from scratch by our talented culinary team. The meals are freshly prepared, never frozen, never reheated!

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Get Them Delivered

Get your meal delivery on Sundays and Wednesday. It’s fast, easy, and carefree! Call us now and schedule a food delivery!

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100 % recycled packaging

We are committed to helping our environment by using eco-friendly meal containers that compost quickly. We also provide your meals in a reusable eco-friendly insulated bag. With your first delivery, bag fee will be added to your order. With each delivery, return your bag from your last delivery to avoid another fee.

Vacuum Sealed Meals Option

For a small fee, have your meals vacuum sealed.
This maximizes the meal’s freshness and extends the shelf life of your meals up to 10 days. Vacuum packed meals are convenient to transport as they take up less space and the contents do not mix with each other. Pouches are food safe and can be micro-waved, refrigerated, frozen or boiled.

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Custom and Special Orders

Our dedicated and talented staff can customize your meals for you. Call us at 786-899-2163 or email us at for a free consultation. If you are allergic to any foods or have a medical condition, please read the nutritional facts labels carefully as our company will not bear any responsibility.

Delivery Areas

In order to maintain a high standard of quality and consistency RealMeals will only deliver to some areas in the Miami-Dade and Broward Counties. Call us if you are uncertain if you are outside of our food delivery service area.

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