Our healthy convenient meals are made with fresh locally sourced seasonal vegetables and nutrient rich carb and protein selections. We do not use canned or frozen ingredients. We do not add preservatives or extra salt, sugar or other man made chemicals to your RealMeals. We are best prepared meal delivery service in Miami area.

In order to fulfill your request timely, place your order by Friday night at 12 midnight for the following week’s meals. We add a $5.00 delivery fee for each delivery as we have not built it in into our meal prices.

After you have selected your RealMeals and placed them in your cart, simply pay with a credit card or PayPal. A receipt will be sent to you to verify your order and purchase. You can also order and pay by email at sales@realmeals4u.com. Pick up your meals at our convenient Wynwood location and not pay the delivery fee.

Your delicious meals will be delivered  twice a week by one of our delivery drivers in an insulated eco-friendly reusable container.  Deliveries for most customers are Sunday nights and Wednesday nights. Delivery times may vary with the delivery location.

As soon as you receive your RealMeals, you should remove them from the our eco-friendly insulated container and refrigerate them immediately. Any delay will reduce your enjoyment and the life of our preservative free tasty food.  Nutritional facts are listed on our website beside each menu item and on each meal container as well.

You can microwave your meal in the same package it came in, or you can take it out of the package and warm it up using your favorite method. Your RealMeal has been made with a small amount of aromatics and spices. If your RealMeal is not as salty, spicy, or tangy as you would like, add your favorite seasonings and enjoy.