Healthy Meal Delivery Service Miami

How It Works?

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Choose Your Meals

Use our rotating menu to choose a fully prepared, fresh, healthy, and protein-rich meal. All our meals are perfectly balanced and are ideal for any occasion.

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Freshly Cooked

Each meal we deliver is made from scratch by our talented culinary team. The meals are freshly prepared, never frozen, never reheated!

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Get Them Delivered

Get your meal delivered to your front door any day of the week. It’s fast, easy, and carefree! Call us now and schedule a food delivery!


Our Weekly Menu

Choose your meal from a new menu each week! Our chefs strive to keep it dynamic, versatile, and of course – healthy!


About Us

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Who We Are

Our mission is to create fresh, healthy, delicious, convenient and delivered meals. With today’s fast paced lifestyle there is no time to shop, cook, and clean up. We provide our healthy prepared meals delivered to your door at your home or office. Prepared healthy meals in Miami.

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What We Do

We create recipes, source local ingredients, shop, prepare, cook and deliver your Real Meals to your doorstep. We use the freshest ingredients (not canned or frozen) and our own flavorful recipes. Real people love our delicious RealMeals.

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Time Is Priceless

With just a few clicks each week, you will have your weekly meal planning done. Let us take care of your meals and spend your time on you! Relax, exercise, visit family or friends; a plethora of activities await you. Let us do the work so you do not spend your precious time preparing meals.


Let us email you our menu updates each week

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Environment-friendly Containers

We use environmentally friendly containers to hold our meals. These containers disintegrate easily and quickly when discarded.

Fresh Fit Focused Meals

Our fresh and fit meals are a perfect solution for people who want to eat healthy food but aren’t keen on cooking for themselves. Choose between numerous dishes and find the one that fits your liking the most!
Our versatile menus are easy to navigate and tailored to meet anyone’s taste! Fresh fit meals are great for anyone who’s looking for a healthy, tasty, and balanced meal.

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