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Who We Are

We are individuals with real concerns over our own health and fitness. We have extrapolated this concern to others with the same determination for clean healthy living. We have been in the food service industry mainly in restaurants for over 20 years, cooking and serving fresh delicious meals to countless hungry guests. Our mission is to create fresh, healthy, convenient, delicious and delivered meals to those who are serious about their health. With today's fast paced lifestyle there is no time to shop, cook, and then clean up - ugh!; we provide our healthy Real Meals delivered directly to you at your home or office.

What We Do

We create recipes, source local ingredients, shop, prepare, cook and deliver your Real Meals to your doorstep. We use the freshest ingredients (not canned or frozen) and  our own flavorful recipes. Real people love our delicious RealMeals. 

Time Is Priceless

With just a few clicks each week, you will have your weekly meal planning done. Let us take care of your meals and spend your time on you! Relax, exercise, visit family or friends, a plethora of activities wait for you.  Let us give you the peace of mind of not having to spend your precious time preparing your meals. 

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